Entrepreneurs That SOAR! helps entrepreneurs, business experts, marketers, direct sellers, independent business owners and other small businesses increase their performance and get more business. We teach them how to leverage cutting edge technology and relationships to increase reach and attract more clients.


We offer New Media Marketing and Virtual Management training and consulting. Our focus is to provide cost effective and cutting edge solutions that will help you market, manage and grow your business.

Most importantly we are dedicated to teaching you how to practice and simplify virtual communications and collaborations using tools, systems and processes that can help increase performance.

You will learn how to ...

  • Increase reach
  • Get more leads
  • Attract more clients
  • Save money while making money


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Business Experts
  • Coaches
  • Marketers
  • Direct Sellers
  • Restauranteurs
  • Leaders & Visionaries
  • Small Family Businesses
Entrepreneurs That SOAR! offers year round internships to undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates and anyone who are in career transition that would like to add skills that can enhance their resumes.

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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs SOAR through: STRATEGIES, OPPORTUNITIES and ALLIANCES that promote RESULTS.


It is our vision to change the world by providing entrepreneurs with the tools, training and knowledge needed to build successful businesses and lives.


It is important to develop strategies that work and fits your business. Since strategies are constantly evolving, it is important that we provide continued education to help entrepreneurs learn, manage, and maintain their knowledge and skills.

These are samples of frequently asked questions when starting any kind of business:
  • How to start a business
  • How to establish a winning mindset that helps to attain results = more $$?
  • How to set goals for your business
  • How to ‘power pitch’ effectively
  • How to do strategic planning
  • How to use your strengths and skills to ‘niche’ your business
  • How to be a powerful and effective speaker
  • How to market, advertise and promote your business effectively and efficiently
  • How to utilize IT in the new economy that can help save time and money
  • How to collaborate with local, national and global alliances  in programs and events that can help both businesses gain and retain more customers
  • How to have fun and continue to be passionate about our businesses!


We offer various opportunities to build your business and life. They include resources, networking and marketing opportunities, educational programs, fundraising, and community support.


Your net worth is determined by your network! We have a dynamic, vibrant and supportive community of alliances that engage, cowork and support one another. At SOAR, we understand that "people do business with people they enjoy and like"! Our passion is to help individuals make these connections and build relationships.


Success requires action. Our goal is to help individuals take the necessary action steps to develop and/or grow their businesses. We instill in them the expectations to win, to be their ideal selves, and live their dreams by achieving these results.
  • Start a business
  • More customers
  • More sales
  • More referrals
  • Increased income
  • Mastered skills
  • Save time & money
  • Freedom to do what they want to do in life!