Zef Zan is a high-energy entrepreneur and speaker known for being a "High Tech, High Touch" Marketing Strategist. She is also the President and Founder of Entrepreneurs That SOAR!, and Producer & Host of two of her online TV shows, Zef's Zest TV and Creative Chat Cafe.

As a master marketer, consultant and trainer, Zef uses her passion, talent and experience to help Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Business Experts, Leaders and Small Businesses adopt and implement a "High Tech, High Touch" approach in their enterprise. 

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Increase Client Attraction, Interaction and Get More Leads!

What Zef helps you learn.
You will learn how to develop a "A-CIA" (Attract, Connect, Interact, Act!) mindset and how to leverage cutting edge technology and relationships to increase your client attraction, interaction and get more leads!

Another important thing that Zef helps you learn is how to navigate through "high tech" tools. She provides easy and affordable solutions that can help put the "high touch" back into your business. 

Zef has also adapted these strategies and solutions to help larger enterprises manage their operations and their teams using innovative virtual collaboration tools, systems and processes.

Other important things that you can achieve by working with Zef:
- Learn how to leverage your Passion, Skills, Strengths and "What you know" to create an ENTERPRISE that fits your personal brand.
- Implement MARKETING STRATEGIES that help generate recurring income.
- Build RELATIONSHIPS, engage fans and turn them into clients and customers.
- Establish SYSTEMS and PROCESSES to help you get organized.
- Work smarter through COLLABORATIONS.
- Use tools that help you SAVE TIME and MONEY!

In Her Own Words ...

“First of all, I help individuals leverage the use of technology and people skills to grow their businesses. Often, when people hear the word “technology”, they feel intimidated and this is usually caused by the lack of understanding of how it works and what works for them. My goal is to provide the resources and “hands on learning” experience so that they can develop the skills needed to work smarter, get results and create balance in business and in life. My take on it is, if I give you a fish, you will only eat once but, if I teach you “how to fish”, you can eat forever!

Often technology itself is not the only important skill when building a business. It is extremely important to develop the “people skills” too! My goal is to help Individuals learn how to communicate effectively and build relationships that can help them promote their business and make money! After all, people do business with people they enjoy and like, right?

It is important to have the balance of technology and people skills to succeed especially in this 21st century that we live in. Whether we like it or not, the colored TV’s and the computers are here to stay! It is not a matter of “IF” we use them but more of “WHEN” and "HOW" do we use them effectively.”

Watch Zef's interview with Gwen Edwards of the "Our Lives Show" on Connecticut News 12!

Zef's Inspiration

“When I started my business, I had to quickly learn many things on my own. How to design websites, how to use social media to grow my business and how to use tools that can help me save money to make money. I started with a small budget so I wasn’t able to hire someone else to do any kind of work for me. My only option was to “self educate” to build the skills needed to achieve results in my business. The technology part was the most challenging and I can’t really call myself a “tech geek” yet. Just enough to manage my business (personal opinion of course, LOL!). Thank God that for giving me the courage to learn and most importantly, for not giving up! So I can definitely relate to many business owners who have had to do the same. The only difference in my story (maybe?) is that I was fortunate enough that when I got started, I was ready to learn and soaked up every learning experience like a sponge!

I was in a business that provided access to business trainings conducted by world class mentors and trainers. I trained with some of the best in the business world. My list of mentors included Robert Kiyosaki, author of the NY Times Best Seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”,  Dr. Robert Rohm, author, speaker and creator of “D.I.S.C. - Personality Insights”, and Dexter Yager, author, millionaire, and “Master Dreambuilder, and Father of Modern MLM” who created most of the training and growth systems used in the most successful MLM organizations in the world. Inspired by their teachings, I realize how important it is to help others to acquire both personal and business skills that can help them grow their enterprises. I often ask how other small business owners get their knowledge and, do they have a steady support system that helps them stay focused? That's when I knew that helping others to gain knowledge, develop skills and achieve results in business and in life are what I wanted to do! ”

When someone decides to build a business, he or she has to get creative to be successful. The constant creative process makes the brains work extra hard to provide solutions to problems. This can help develop one’s critical thinking skills that are often needed in both business and in life.” - Zef Zan


Zef’s entrepreneurial journey started part-time as the Co-founder of Mahfez Enterprises, a company responsible for building an alliance of e-commerce companies that offers diversified consumer products and services. Mahfez Enterprises also promotes growth opportunities through partnerships with local and international companies. Zef is in charge of all business development projects, and she is also the Creative Director responsible for designing branding and marketing campaign strategies for the company. A year later she launched Zeffy’s Concept - The Skin Fitness & Spa Experience, the first  subsidiary company of Mahfez Enterprises. Zef was the Managing Director and also the Skin Fitness Specialist & Spa Consultant. 

Entrepreneurs That SOAR! (aka SOAR!) was created out of Zef’s passion for entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help individuals “be in business for themselves but NOT by themselves”. When Zef launched SOAR, she decided that it would be the vehicle that would provide access to resources, and serves as a support system to individuals who are interested in obtaining entrepreneurial knowledge. Her mission, “to empower economic and personal development through entrepreneurship training”.

Zef passionately believes that skills developed and the discipline acquired from “building your own business” can be applied to both business and in life. She says that the entrepreneurial journey can help individuals develop a winning attitude and a “think different” mindset. Zef’s vision is to “create communities of winners and visionaries who would have the resources to do good and change the world!”.

Zef is also a Speaker and a “people connector” who enjoys building relationships with visionairies and individuals who are passionate about what they do. Her ultimate social mission is best reflected in the famous economist Paul Zane Pilzer’s quote, 'You only win when you help others win!’.
Who works with Zef?

Zef works with businesses in the Direct Sales, Retail, Food/Hospitality and service based industries. Here’s a sample list of her clients:

  • ndependent Consultants
  • SaleIs Teams
  • Health/ Holistic Consultants
  • Wedding Consultants
  • Makeup Artists
  • Chiropractors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Network Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Convenience Store Retailers
  • Franchise Owners
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Food Truckers
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Lifestyle Coaches